Minerva Diaz

Ms. Diaz has a passion for telling and sharing real life stories through her work. Her artistry lies in composing significant images that lend themselves to highlight specific moments of the story.

ProfilePicMMs. Diaz's work features a myriad of eclectic subjects that recognizes those who lend themselves to life, by living with the passion and the courage to achieve their vision by bringing awareness to human and global issues. Such as, UN peace efforts, environmental challenges, health issues, American history, pop culture and much more.

Diaz’s work has been collected and is frequently requested for exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Whether her work is being presented at an unveiling, a private event or a full-scale exhibit, the pieces presented are thought provoking and initiates conversations that are relevant as well as historical.

Included in the Lend Yourself to Life exhibition are a growing collection of works that are comprised of personally signed original pieces by Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, the Tuskegee Airmen and other well-known influential individuals—and the list continues to grow.

Ms. Diaz was born and raised in NYC. Prior to her artistic journey, she was a member of District Council 9 of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trade and worked in the field for a few years. She then became a member of Local 30 International Union of Operating Engineers and worked in the field at ABC/Disney in NYC for 17 years. In 2003 she traveled throughout the country for six years as a road producer and product specialist in the auto industry.